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Welcome to Swampy Acres Farm LLC

Swampy Acres is a small hobby farm in Hampstead, NH. We specialize in ethically raised and managed, free range poultry. All of our hens and turkeys have open access to acres of grass fields and have never been in a cage. We try to follow organic farming principles in all our practices. You can taste the difference!

Farm Products

Currently, all sales are by appointment only as our inventory fluctuates seasonally. Please check to see what we have in stock by clicking "Current Inventory" button below.

Farm Products

Free Range Eggs

Chicken eggs available from our free-range mixed flock.

Egg Laying Chicks/Pullets

A variable selection of various egg-laying chicks and pullets


Seasonally we offer both standard (BB Bronze) and heritage (Narragansett)

Swampy Acres Farm Library

Not only does Swampy Acres Farm try to peddle our products to you, we are also a weatlh of information. You can learn and read all types of information about hobby farming, do-it-yourself projects, our travels, politics... you name it!

Our daily thoughts, projects, happenings, and rants can be found here. Don't be shy to browse around and post a comment or ask a question. Be warned: Many posts are not politically correct as freedom of speech still reigns unfettered at Swampy Acres Farm

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No longer updated, we have preserved our historic website for your web viewing pleasure. It is filled with all kinds of goodies about raising chickens and goats. It is Flash heavy, so it may not work with many mobile phones.

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