April 2010

This month we were somewhat surprized to find the goat herd had increased by two!!! Panda (our
Alpine/Nubian Cross) had her first kids tonight.
Now the professional goat farmers have several methods to "time" the birth of the goats. The most common
is to keep the bucks separate and then only when the females are in heat... do you pair them up. Then simple
arithmetic will tell you when to prepare for the babies (between 150-155 days). Since we run our buck with the
females 24/7, well we have no reliable way to tell when the kids will be born. About two weeks ago, we noticed
Panda was "bagging up" (udder was enlarging) as such we knew we were within 4-6 weeks of pregnancy
(normally). Well, just two weeks later... we had our new kids.
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