Growing Beans (2010 crop)

This year we are trying two different varieties of bush bean. We are going with Burpee "Contender" (a green bean) and "Brittle Wax" (a yellow wax bean). We planted two 20 foot rows of rows of "Contender" and one of "Brittle Wax." Following the directions, we spaced them about 3 inches apart at a depth of about 2 inches.

Within about a week the first beans began to sprout!

Within two weeks, we had most of the beans germinating and putting out their first sets of "true" leaves. We had very good germination rates as it has been unseasonable warm, sunny, and with just the right amount of rain.
Continued good growth of our bean crop by June 19th.
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By July 5th, the beans had started flowering.... this means beans will be coming soon.
By the third week of July the beans were in full production.
The beans kept producing until about late September. These three rows gave us a few bags to freeze and another for a few dinners. Per usual, we got lazy and didn't keep pace with picking these. As such, the beans grew big and tough and production slowed to a crawl. The lesson here is to keep picking these regularly.. I would say at least twice a week during the peak production times. All in all a pretty reasonable harvest for beans this year.