Growing Carrots (2010 crop)

This year we planted one 16 foot row of carrots from Burpee called "Garden King Hybrid." Now, the carrot seeds are absolutely tiny so there is no way I could give you a picture of the planting depth and spacing. Basically the procedure is to dig a narrow trench, and place the seeds in "thinly" and bury about 1/2 inch deep. Again, because the seeds are so tiny there are a number of different techniques here. You can buy a special seed planter that helps you deal with these tiny seeds (or you can use tweezers if you are real ambitious), you can also mix the seeds with sand or vermiculite so you can literally pour a row of seeds/sand mixture (provided you mix well, you can get a good distribution), you can buy seeds in "tape" form, where the seeds are spaced properly and impregnated in paper.... or you can just do it the lazy way.. I just sprinkle seeds into the hole as best I can. Eventually, when they sprout you simply weed out some of the seedlings until you get about one every 3 inches. To me this is the easiest.

Within a week the first seedlings began to emerge.

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We ended up getting a somewhat "patchy" distribution of carrot seedlings. If you absolutely can't tolerate this, you should definitely plant by hand more carefully (really time consuming), or just use carrot seeds embedded in tape.
By June 19th, the carrots had starting putting out their first true and characteristic carrot leaves. This makes it far easier to distinguish carrot seedlings from weeds as now is the time to hand weed the rows.
By July 5th, the carrots had continued to make good progress.
The carrots are still making good progress by late July.
The carrots kept chugging along well past the first frost (October). I really had no problems with insects or other pests. However, the "finished product" was not really ideal. I ended up with hundreds and hundreds of tiny thumb-sized carrots. The problem is that I didn't thin out the seedlings (too lazy). As such they were somewhat dwarfed in size... Also, I think the loam was a little to sandy... as it compacted down into a semi-concrete consistency. I think both these issues contributed to the minature carrot situation. However, they still tasted delicious and I ended up freezing several bags. Next year, I am going to amend the soil with mature compost and make sure and thin the seedlings early (a week or so after sprouting).