Chicken Coop

The chickens have their own custom built coop. It is 8X8. I used all
ACQ pressure treated southern pine (except for the sheathing).
2X6 with joist hangers (elevated on concrete block) with 3/4
pressure treated plywood sheeting for the floor
2X4 on 16" centers for the walls
2X4 rafters and collar ties with 1/2 pressure treated plywood for the
5/8" T-111 plywood for wall sheathing
25 year asphalt shingles
I used all galvanized screws (no nails) for all construction (except
for the shingles were I used 1.5" galvanized roofing nails)
I installed 4 small windows (15X22) that fit between the studs with
screens for ventilation as well as two aluminum gable vents
Originally, I would let them run around outside during the day.
Until a fox ate 9 of them. At that point I built a 10' x 50' fenced area
for them out of 6' welded wire fence. As a "tunneling barrier" I
lined the bottom with 3' chicken wire (folded in an "L" shape) and
anchored this down with a couple hundred concrete pavers that
Ron Gibson left for me. I would guesstimate the total cost of all of
the material was about 1,200 bucks (since the pavers were free). It
took me about 100 hours to build the whole thing (including
painting). Luckily my father helped with alot of it.

Update: Due to the fact the chickens have learned to fly over the
fence, but not how to get back in.... I had to build a "roof". I made
it by sinking 10' lengths of ACQ 2X4s into the ground 2 feet as
"posts" and then put a single 12' 2 X4 across the top. I then
covered the whole thing with deer fencing and wire-tied it together.
In retrospect, I probably should have used 4 X4's as it is a little
wobbly. However, I sistered another 2 X4 to each post to shore it
up a bit. So far this seems to be keeping everybody contained.
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