Chicken Feeder
I have a couple of store bought feeders, but they tend to take up quite a bit of floor space in the coop as they all tend to
be "short and squat." This is particularly problematic in the winter, when I need to put everything indoors (including
the water, so it won't freeze). As such, I decided to make my own chicken feeder that both held a good deal of food (in
this case a 50 pound sack), and could snug up against the wall of the coop in between the studs to give the birds some
more room.

Basic tools you will need for this project are below. These include a cordless saw, hammer, tape measure, wood glue,
carpenters "T" and pencil, galvanized finishing nails (because I had them on hand, you can use screws) and a couple
utility hinges. For lumber, you will need one 10 foot length of 1" X 10" pine boards and one 8 foot length of 1" X 6"
pine board. This project should take no more than an hour for a mediocre carpenter to do.
The feeder is four feet tall, as such, cut the 1X6 in half, and cut one 4' section and one 3' 9" section of the 10 foot 1
X10 (Careful, you will need the extra two plus feet of board later). Hammer the boards together as shown, leaving
the 2.5" gap at the bottom
Now, cut a 10" section or so from the left over 1X10 for the bottom and nailed this in. I carefully scribed a couple of
pieces of scrap to fill in the gaps in the side. I glued and nailed all these little pieces for extra strength.
Here we have the nearly finished feeder. Last step is to cut a small piece for the top and affix this with a couple small
Eventually I will attach this permanently, but for now I set it on a few spare bricks I had lying around. It fits in
perfectly between the studs, empties much more completely than most of my commercial feeders (which tend to
jam up from dust), and saves me tons of space.
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