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Why chickens? Since I live in the middle of nowhere and have no neighbors in sight, I thought it would be fun to have some farm animals. So I went down the list:

Horses = Expensive to buy, Expensive to keep, and live 20 years, produce nothing
Cows = (see horses), except produce milk.. which is a nightmare to harvest
Pigs = Cheap to buy, moderate to keep, live 7 years... and you can only have two in my town (more than that is considered a"piggery"), produce nothing, but you can eat them (no thanks)
Sheep = Moderate to buy, Moderate to keep, live about 10 years, produce wool, but not enough to do anything with.
Goats = Moderate to buy, Cheap/Moderate to keep, live about 10 years, produce milk (again nightmare to harvest). (Note: Eventually decided to get some goats... see goat page).
Chickens = Cheap to buy, Cheap to keep, live about 7 years, produce eggs that are easy to harvest.

So, I don't feel like going broke paying two grand a year to feed a horse... chickens are cheap and they don't live too long.. and they are not too fussy... so that is where I started.
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