Growing Corn (2010 crop)

This year we planted four 12 foot rows of corn. Now if we were really ambitious we could have planted different types that mature at slightly different times. However, we got lazy and just planted one type, which means we will have a huge glut of corn all at once. Anyway we planted Burpee "Bi-licious Hybrid." This is a mid-season, sugar enchanced hybrid that matures in about 78 days. As per package instructions we made narrow furrows with a hoe and planted the seed about 6 inches apart and 2 inches deep in rows about 2 feet apart.

It took about two-three weeks for the first few seedlings to emerge. Since corn is a heavy nitrogen feeder, I sprinkled a little 10-10-10 basic fertilzer around them at this time.
Well, it looks like the corn crop this year is going to be a disaster. By July 5th, only a few stragglers had sprouted and were growing. Even if these do survive... it is going to be tough to get good pollination with these plants spaced so few and far between.
By late July, there was a little hope of a salvaging something from the corn crop. I had a handful of small ears, however I am not sure if these will be polinated evenly or not.
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Well, this years crop was a disaster... I got about a dozen 4" long ears. We did cook them up and eat them, and they tasted delicious, but they were a far cry from what you would get a farm stand. I am blaming this on lack of fertilization as corn is a heavy nitrogen feeding crop. Also this part of the garden was a little shady. Since we cleared out a few more trees....we will try again next year... this time with more organic soil amendments.