To keep an eye on the farm we have installed various motion-activated, night vision game cameras. The
color photos were taken during the day. The black and white photos are taken under infrared light at night.
The time and date stamps on the photos are accurate. Here are some of the better results we have had so
Swampy Acres Farm Critter Cam
Grey Fox: This is the animal suspected of wiping out my 13 juvenile
Grey Fox: The same animal patrolling that same evening.
Raccoon testing the fence a few days later. Raccoons will often eat chickens
A skunk (seen from the back) was found wandering around the chicken pen.
These will occasionally grab a chicken.
Here is our resident fox... snooping around the wire again.
More fox pics...seem to catch it every few nights or so.
Gray Squirrel, near my baited rock.
Raccoon, a common guest.
Opossum, sniffing around.
This dam fox is trying really hard to get into my chicken pen! His efforts
were thwarted with multiple layers of wire.
Earlier that same night, a raccoon was also trying for a free lunch.
A few days earlier a field mouse (lower left) had set off my camera! It is
Here is the infamous chicken-eating fox investigating my live catch
trap.... but he still won't go in. No luck as of yet, but I'll get him.
I moved the camera down by the old stone dam.. due to increased
beaver activity. There was evidence that they were once again building
their dams. I didn't catch any beavers, but I did get the following shots
of some wildlife, including this fox taking a drink.
A doe (or fawn?) wandering around my back woods.
A young buck wanders through just a few minutes earlier.
A gaze (the term for a raccoon group) of raccoons splashing around by
the dam.
A deer on the far bank of the brook. This is about 30 feet from the
camera... very sensitive.
Here is the New Hampshire Department of Transportation tresspassing
on my land. This is probably related to the culvert building project.
These NHDOT guys just wander all over your property... one time they
cut down a bunch of trees (without asking) to make better site lines for
their surveying. When I call to complain, they always say they never had
anyone down on my property.. That's why I love these cameras.
A whole family of deer wandering through the swamp.
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