Growing Cucumbers (2010 crop)

Although you can easily start cucumbers from seed, we ended up buying started seedlings locally. This year we went with the "Marketmore 80" variety. This particular variety is good for the north (remember cucumbers are orginally from India) and promises 8-9 inch long fruit 0f 2.5 inch diameter starting in 61 days. Usually we plant cucumbers in hills, but since this variety is somewhat of a compact "bush" cucumber, we decided to plant in rows. Both plants and rows are about 2 feet apart.

Within two-three weeks, the cucumbers really began to take off and had grown to this size (below).
By June 19th, the cucumbers were starting to vine, and should flower soon.
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By mid-July, the first few small cucumbers were forming. It only takes a few days for them to reach full size!
By late July, the cucumbers had grown together into a virtually impenetrable mass. It was difficult to walk through them to collect all the cukes.
By late July we had a huge amount of cucumbers... more than we could give eat and give away. We ended up making homemade pickles with the leftovers. Additionally the ones that were "semi-overipe" make good pickles as well.
All in all, we ended up with a gigantic cuke harvest. Really too many to count. We ended up making 36 jars of pickles, as well as eating or giving away an equal number of fresh cucumbers. This was one of our most successful crops of the year.