December 2009

We had our first "big" snowstorm of the year... about 5 inches of snow. The chickens hated it. They just
hung out in the coop looking particularly sad.
Also, this was the first time in years that the swamp had frozen over so that you could walk to the other side of the
farm. I tried it last year with snow shoes.. but I kept falling through the thin crust into water. Even though it was
-10 for a couple days.. it still wasn't cold enough. I figure the insulating snow and slight current were enough to
keep it liquid despite being 40 degrees below freezing. This winter we had a cold snap with no snow.. plus the
water level is quite a big lower.. so this time I was actually able to walk across the farm. Saw about a half dozen
beaver lodges and some other interesting sites in the swamp.
Also due to plummetting egg production ( a couple days there, I was only getting four or five eggs a day). I finally broke
down and put a light in coop. I use a 40 watt equivalent CFL (9 watts) and just leave it on all the time. I also got tired of
my plastic waterer and shelled out for a 5 gallon galvanized steel model with a heated base. This seems much more
durable. I end up filling this up about once a week.
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