Goat Milking Stand
If you are going to milk goats, you are going to need a milking stand. This is used both to immobilize the goat
somewhat and also raise her off the ground for easier access. Commercial milking stands can run you over $200 (see
below). However, you can easily make your own milking stand in an afternoon with just a few dollars worth of materials.

I made the back legs 18" long and secured inside the frame

I used 2 X 4s as the framing. I made it two feet wide by 4 feet long. A reasonable size for a goat stand. I secured these
(and all other) joints with 3" screws for strength.
The front "legs" are made from 4 foot sections that underhang by 18" to level out the stand. At this point, I ran out of
room in my workshop and had to move the whole project over to the laundry room.

The next steps were to add a crossmember across the front "legs" at the top and another at about goat head height
so I have something to hang the grain feeder on. I also added a crossmember between the legs to strengthen these
up and reduce any wobbling. Remember a full grown goat can weigh over two hundred pounds.... so this thing
needs to be built accordingly.
Next, I put four supports across the length of the frame to support the sheeting. I had some old 1/4" plywood lying
around so I used two layers of this. I would probably recommend 3/4" if you have it, but 1/2" will do. I secured the
sheeting with a copious amount of roofing nails to "tighten" the whole thing up.
I added a couple a eyebolts on each side of the front "legs" to attach the lead to secure the goat. Many other milk
stand designes use wooden crossbars to hold the goats head in there securely. I opted for a system that "ties" the
goat in as I need to use this for various size goats for hoof trimming as well as milking. As such, I was nervous about
building something out of wood that wasn't as "adjustable" as I needed. So I went with ropes with clips on the end.
In retrospect, I think it would be better to go with chain as then I could easily adjust the length of the leads as the
needs warranted. At any rate, I added a feedbin to the front and my milk stand was complete!
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