Swampy Acres is home to a herd of Nubian goats. Nubians are dual purpose goats and have historically been bred for both milk and meat. They aren't the best at either category. Boer goats grow faster and larger for meat, and Alpine goats give more milk. However, Nubians are a reasonable size if you want to eat them (we don't) also they give a good deal of milk, and their milk is the highest in fat of the goat breeds (around 5% fat as compared to around 3-4% for cow's milk) Also, Nubians we have found Nubians are good at the following activities:
brush clearing, destroying fences and escaping, eating your shrubbery around your house, making human-sounding screams if you don't feed them right away, and other fun things like this. There are some links on this page where you can learn about some basic goat care and maintenance.

"Panda" goat and kids, Spring 2010
Goats in a leaf pile.
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