Junk Piles

Nothing says "New Hampshire" more than piles of junk. As I understand it, you are supposed to collect as much stuff as possible and pile it up around your yard. Some people specialize in different themes such as broken lawnmowers, cars on blocks, or just plain garbage. My theme seems to be "building materials."

This one is composed of about 10 tons of broken bricks and was left by the previous owners. I understand he was a mason. I can only imagine the thought process that resulted in this pile of junk. I guess he wanted the save the hundred dollar dumping fee for this chimney demolition.... and thought.. heck, I will just dump it in the yard! What a beauty!

UPDATE! Summer 2011.

After about 500 different Craigslist ads, I finally found someone that wanted all these bricks. Some guy came by and loaded up most of them one by one in order to fill in a low spot in his yard. he made about 50 trips. However I still had a pile of concrete, broken slate, asphalt, and few broken bricks left over.
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I finally bit the bullet and called our local discount excavator company, "John James Excavation." He came over with a backhoe and a dump truck and finally cleaned up this whole mess, and built me a nice access ramp to the back of the goat paddock. So, that is the end of the famous Swampy Acres junk pile.