Goat Mineral Feeder

This mineral feeder is great for dispensing loose minerals, salt, or sodium bicarbonate. You can make it for about 30
bucks worth of PVC and 15 minutes of effort. When fastened securely it won't spill and it is virtually indestructible (a
very important criteria for goat equipment).

1) Assemble your 4" PVC pipe components. I got mine at Cheapo Depot for 30 bucks. You will need:
A) Length of staight pipe (the longer, the more capacity, but also more unwieldy and hard to clean)
B) 45 degree elbow connector
C) End Cap
D) Female Adapter
E) Male Threaded Cap
3) Do yourself a favor, before you break out the primer and glue... make sure all the pieces fit together first.. just to be
safe. Also, take a look at the final product to figure out exactly how everything is supposed to go together. Also, be
careful you don't glue the top cap on..... I almost did once!
4) Okay, now apply the primer to the inside of the 45 degree connector and also one end of the straight pipe. Let this
dry a few minutes.

2) You will need a can of PVC primer and PVC Cement (Get the smallest cans you can.. it doesn't take much)
5) Next apply the cement and IMMEDIATELY push the pipe ends together. Give them a small (1/4 inch) "twist"
right after you connect them to help spread the cement evenly.

6) Repeat the process for the female adapter at the other end of the 45 degree connector
7) Okay you are done with the glue. Next screw in the male threaded cap. Also, it is convenient to drill a small hole in
the non-threaded end cap so you can run a bolt through this hole. The bolt makes a nifty handle for easier removal
for filling.
8) Okay, here is the finished product. You can either bolt this directly to the wall, drill a couple of holes and hang it
on a piece of rope, or use a pipe clamp (as I did). Let it dry overnight so the PVC smell will dissipate.
9) Try to attach this in a corner or out of the way place to avoid bumping into it all the time. Goats will very quickly
investigate this new contraption to see what it is for.
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