Growing Peas (2010 crop)
Nothing beats fresh garden peas. This year we planted one row of Burpee "Sugar Snap" peas. We planted these peas in two rows 6 inches apart with a piece of deer fencing staked between the rows for support. The peas themselves are planted about 2 inches apart and 2 inches deep.

Within about a week the first peas started sprouting
Within two weeks the peas were really coming up fast and soon will start grabbing the support with their tendrils.
The peas are making reasonable headway by June19th. However, I did have very poor germination rates as I planted TWO rows, and only a smattering of them are coming up. It may have been too hot for them.
The peas are flowering by July 5th, however... they really aren't taking off. I think this has to do with the heat. Next year I should plant these earlier in the season. This might give me better results.
By mid-May, we had peas-a-plenty.... for a few weeks at least.
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We ended up getting about 2 quarts of peas before they tried up in the heat of the summer. I think next year we are going to try and get them in by April as they can take some cold. This way, they can keep producing before the summer really heats up.