Growing Peppers (2010 crop)
Peppers come from South America originally, and like it "hot hot." So it is somewhat of a challenge to grow them in New Hampshire. Typically, they don't really start "taking off" until about mid-July... so we don't wind up with any sizable crop until late in August or so. This year we planted about a half dozen "Lady Bell" peppers (mild) and a dozen or so Jalapenos. All of these were from transplants we bought locally.
Now it is the first week in June. Despite the fact that the rest of the garden is taking off like gangbusters, the peppers have barely grown. This is typical. The soil simply has to hit about 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit before peppers will do much of anything.
By July 5th, the peppers are showing just a little bit of growth (front two row below) but are being dwarfed by the tomatoes. The "Lady Bells" (second from front) seem to be doing better than the Jalapenos at this point.
By early August, we were harvesting Lady Bells and Jalapenos galore. I prefer to pick the Lady Bells green, but you can pick them yellow or red for a little stronger flavor.
All in all, a pretty good year for the peppers. We ended up with about 30 or 40 bells, and enough jalapenos to make two or three big jars of pickles (as well as a few eaten fresh). The hot dry summer was a plus for the peppers, and they kept right on going until the frost.
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