2010 Pre-Season Prep

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We decided to expand the garden this year to be about 50' by 75' (3750 sq. feet). In order to do this we had to truck in an additional 60 yards of loam/manure mix. This is about three full-size dump trucks full of soil. Each truck weighs in at about 30 tons fully loaded. I was a little nervous that the dump truck wouldn't be able to drive past the shed to dump the loam where I needed it. However, the company came by to check and confirmed that they could do it. Here we see the first load sneaking in to the right of the shed.
Thanks to the 6 inches of rain we had recieved and the subsequent flooding the soil was saturated, the truck quickly sank right up to its axles... and despite furious shoveling, the driver and I couldn't dislodge it.
After dumping the 20 yards of loam, the delivery guys first tried to dislodge the truck by pulling it out with a 4 wheel drive F-250.... Well, it wouldn't budge despite now being relieved of 25 tons or so of weight. So they called in a backhoe to try to dig/push it out.
The backhoe didn't work either. The company decided to bring in a bulldozer to finally free the truck. Since they were bringing all this equipment in anyway, I made a quick deal to have them dig all the existing tree roots and spread all the loam for me. I was planning on renting a bobcat for these tasks... but since they were here anyway... much easier to get this done for me.
After a few hours and two more dump trucks full of loam , I had all the tree roots ripped up and buried. The loam was all spread and we are now ready to start this year's garden!