Growing Pumpkins (2010 crop)

I put pumpkins in the "gourd" category regarding planting. I don't ever eat them and pretty much just grow them out of habit. They do make a nice halloween decoration and the goats will eat them. They take up an enormous amount of space in the garden with their huge vines, but they will tolerate the shady corner of the garden where not much else would grow well. This year we planted two hills each of Burpee "Jack-O-Lantern" and "Small Sugar" pumpkins. We planted the seeds in small hills about four feet apart. The individual seeds were planted at a depth of 1 inch and spaced about 3" apart from each other with about 6-8 seeds per hill. Within two weeks the first pumpkin seedlings began to emerge from the soil.

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By July 5th, the pumpkins were making reasonable progress, despite the fact they are in the shadiest part of the garden.

However, by mid-summer, disaster had struck. The hot dry weather had wither my pumpkins to nothing. Not a single vine survived. The only thing I can think of is that it was just too shady and hot. Next year, I will amend the soil to hold moisture better, and many of the trees have been cleared to give this spot much more sun.