Goat-Related Questions
Name: Maci

Comment: Belivia is interested in getting goats for some strange reason. I'm trying to talk
her out of it. A few questions answered will help.

1. What is the purpose of having goats?
2. How much does it cost to keep a goat per month?
3. Are there any special harassments that one would not expect that comes with goat ownership.
4. How much does it cost to buy a goat?

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Very good questions Maci!!
1. What a goat is good for depends mainly on the breed. There are three main "categories".... Meat
goats, Dairy Goats, and Fiber Goats (cashmere). There are many breeds in each category. All goats
will interbreed, so there are many "mutts" out there that aren't particulary good at any category. Of
course if your purpose of goat ownership is just brush clearing... or a pet... any breed will do.

2. Maintenance costs. Well, this fluctuates wildly depending on how you feed them and what
conditions you keep them in. With my set-up... I feed each goat a pound or so of feed (~20 cents),
plus maybe a flake of hay per day(~$1.00)... the rest they get from what is growing in the fields. So... if
you add this up... it is about 36 bucks per month. If you keep your goats penned up in an area you
can't forage... I would expect them to eat double or triple the amount of hay. You need to deworm
them a couple times a year.... (more in the south where the winters don't kill off as many larvae). Plus
other sundries... you are probably looking at 40-50 bucks a month per goat.

3. All kinds of harrassments. Goats escape.. be prepared. They will eat your bushes and shrubs. The
bucks absolutely reek of "goat odor" during the breeding season. They are impossible to house break
and will poop in their food and water without even thinking about it. Anything you put in the goat
pen... plant or equipment... will either be eaten or trampled. Some of the bleat quite a bit (this sounds
like a human scream sometimes). Other than that.. they are tons of fun.

4) Initial cash outlay. See question 1. Depends what you want. A high-class registered dairy goat, can
cost you 500 or more.. on the other hand you can get "mutts" for free off of craigslist (Careful, these
may not be the bargain you think.. you may be inheriting someone else's problem goat). A good
compromise is to get a young purebred (but not registered) goat of reasonable quality. I spent 50
bucks each for my goats... after some shopping around.

Name: rick

Comment: How do you tell how the age of a goat. thanks Rick

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You can more or less accurately tell the age of a goat by looking at the teeth (up to age 5). After the 5th year
all the permanent teeth are in and you have to guess how old they are at that point. 8-10 years for a goat
lifespan is about average.

Kid's Teeth
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
Fifth+ Year
Name: Yog

Comment: Hi,

I was browsing to get to know the scope of exporting Goat's droppings from India
to other countries based on the necessity. I couldnt find any information on
internet. I have heard that it is being imported from India for agricultural

Incase if you are aware of this pls let me know the details.
would like to know which all the countries import goats droppings and how much
is the rate?

got your mail id from the portal https://swampyacresfarm.com/QMisc.html
With Regards


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Sorry Yog, I have no idea. I am not familiar with market demand or mechanisms for collecting goat manure.
Good Luck though, and thanks for asking.

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