Random Melon Facts

The first historical recordof Watermelons under cultivation are from Egypt 5,000 years ago. The fruit is thought to have originated in Kalahari Desert area of Africa.

Watermelon is aptly named as it is 92% water by weight.

China leads the world in watermelon production. The U.S. is in fourth place, with Florida the number one producing state.

The Moors are credited with introducing watermelons to Europe. African Slaves are credited with introducing watermelons to the Americas.

Bill Carson, of Tennessee, holds the record for growing the largest watermelon in 1990 weighing in at 262 pounds.

In 2004, the total value of production of U.S. watermelons was $313.5 million.

The true "cantaloupe" originated in Cantalupo, Italy. This fruit is actually a hard-shelled melon that is not grown much outside the Mediterranean countries. What American's call cantaloupes, are actually muskmelons.

California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Indiana are the leading U.S. producers of cantaloupes (muskmelons). In 1997, the U.S. had 113,770 acres for cantaloupe cultivation. This year's crop was valued at $417,859,000.

California, Arizona, and Texas are the leading U.S. Producers of Honey Dew Melons. In 1997, the U.S. had 29,400 acres forhHoney dew melon cultivation. This year's crop was valued at $109,2394,00

Honeydew is one of the few melons that can continue to ripen once picked

Spain is the largest producer of melons in Europe. Italy, France, Greece, and the Ukraine are also large producers of melon. Together all these countries account for 94% of European production.

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